The Great Race - Review

The only thing better than one Jack Lemmon is multiple Jack Lemmon’s, you can only get this in Blake Edward’s The Great Race, a part musical-road-race overall genre mashing adventure released in 1965 also stars the never better Natalie Wood and Lemmon buddy Tony Curtis.

Napoleon Dynamite - Review

It’s an odd one this.

So in my review of A Clockwork Orange I essentially implied that if you did not at the least find the film decent your were a fool. I am not going to do that this time.

Killer Condom - Review

Killer Condom, the rubber that rubs you out, is a 1996 German horror-comedy starring Udo Samel, it’s one liners, it’s sleazy, it’s the most accurate DVD cover ever. Martin Walz probably directs straight from the comic page of Ralph Konig’s German originals. Udo plays gay, 13 inched detective Luigi Mackeroni is one of many sex-driven’s hard balled by a living, biting killer condom causing genital-al through Hotel Quickie in New York.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - Review

One of the most iconic films of all time with the image of Eastwood’s Blondie and Ennio Morricone’s score reaching far beyond those who have actually seen the film, becoming almost ubiquitous in society. It is also often held up as one of the finest films of all time and seen as the defining example of a Western.

Stolen Kisses - Review

Stolen Kisses is the third Antoine Doinel adventure, with Jean Pierre Leaud and back in another offering of his own auteur theory, its Francois Truffaut circa 1968. If Godard is the head of La Nouvelle Vague, Rohmer the mouth, Chabrol the hand, Melville the hips, then Truffuat was the heart, able to make you truthfully care about his characters throughout, offering subtle commentary and philosophy.

Leningrad Cowboys Go America - Review

Aki Kaurismaki is to Finish cinema that Bergman is to Swedish cinema, an auteur, that’s where the comparisons end, if you don’t like Bergman you must surely find playfulness in Kaurismaki’s most famous and assemble work, 1989’s Leningrad Cowboys Go To America. Finnish rock band formed this rock-comedy band for the movie and its sequel I have yet to find and watch, 1994’s Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses.

La Haine - Review

A film which will never escape controversy, Mathieu Kassowitz's La Haine is a story of three friends (one black, one Jewish and one Arabic) struggling to cope with the harsh realities of life in tough suburban Paris.

City of Women - Review

Federico Fellini’s City of Women is lavish, is about woman and is all Mastroianni, made in 1980 I’m sure many find it his best post 1970 film, more engaging than Roma, as confronting as Amarcord, like Satyricon without the orgies, music as out there as 8 ½ and woman of the Dolca Vita variety.

The Young Girls of Rochefort - Review

The Young Girls of Rochefort was Jacques Demy most ambitious production, released in 1967 it stars Catherine Denevure and Gene Kelly and it the complete amalgam of his style, whimsy, writing and vision, in my opinion towers over The Umbrellas of Cherbourg and stands as my favourite 60’s musical and is arguably the best European musical.

Horse Feathers - Review

Horse Feathers was the fourth Marx Brothers movie with all four playing on their custom-characters, released in 1932 it was their most commercial successful movie and is as great a slapstick comedy, satire and musical as Duck Soup, their true high-point and unquestionably one of the five funniest movies of all time, being my third favourite comedy as well.

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