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Stolen Kisses - Review

Stolen Kisses is the third Antoine Doinel adventure, with Jean Pierre Leaud and back in another offering of his own auteur theory, its Francois Truffaut circa 1968. If Godard is the head of La Nouvelle Vague, Rohmer the mouth, Chabrol the hand, Melville the hips, then Truffuat was the heart, able to make you truthfully care about his characters throughout, offering subtle commentary and philosophy.

The Silent Village - Review

Humphrey Jennings was a gangly, Cambridge educated, pipe-smoking intellectual of the political left. He was a poet, a surrealist painter and an organiser of the major London surrealist exhibition of 1936. He was also joint founder of The Mass Observation Movement, an unusual nationwide anthropological survey undertaken for the first time in 1937. Jennings and his two co-founders recruited ‘observers’ from all over Britain to eavesdrop and spy on their neighbours and friends, noting the minutia of British life.

The Social Network – Review

You know that crazy, giddy feeling you get when you suddenly have a great idea and you scramble to find a pen to write it down? That silly sensation when you think you may have just heard something that could change your life so you scratch it out verbatim on your palm with a borrowed sharpie? The night I met my wife I sprinted home reciting her telephone number aloud all the way, desperate to get to my phone and dial her up before she slipped away.

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