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One Eyed Jacks - Review

"Your style seems a bit slow to me"

Marlon Brando is an epic presence within Cinema. His performances in such actorly masterworks as On the Waterfront and The Godfather make him one of the most beloved actors of any generation. Yet despite this grand status he only directed one film, and that is a film that he did not even set out to direct.

Orphans of the Storm - Review

WARNING: Contains Spoilers.

Griffith, what does that name conjure up? The Birth of a Nation. Few filmmakers seem to be associated with one film of their whole careers like he has, for better or worse. I feel those who judge the man on that single film and have not seen any other are doing him a great injustice. After seeing several of his Biograph shorts and two features, including this, it’s clear that hatred is not the point that he tries to make, but rather the opposite.

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