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Naked - Review

Mike Leigh is the epitome of unique direction. No other director in cinema quite works in the same way. His style of allowing the actors to improvise and create the character within a long and protracted rehearsal period can be seen as indulgent and Leigh has created indulgent films in the past. His record as an auteur of any major consistent quality is doubtful at best.

Napoleon Dynamite - Review

It’s an odd one this.

So in my review of A Clockwork Orange I essentially implied that if you did not at the least find the film decent your were a fool. I am not going to do that this time.

Noi the Albino - Review

Noi the Albino is Dagur Kari’s 2003 debut feature about a lonesome teenager called Noi living in an isolated town in the most isolated island of all, Iceland. This is arguably the most famous and acclaimed Icelandic movie all time, evoking the unique humour of Fargo, Napoleon Dynamite or Malcolm, but this is a Dagur Kari film and he is the new deadpan king continuing in the vain of Jim Jarmusch and Aki Kaurismaki.

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