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Kika - Review

Kiki is Pedro Almadovar’s most audacious comedy, released in 1993 it’s been labelled misogynistic, exploitive but for me was his tenth and best film till that point and still his funniest. Considered unclassifiable, Kika is for me a sex-ball comedy, the plot and characters rolled up into a big testicle of testosterone, kink, philia and murder.

Killer Condom - Review

Killer Condom, the rubber that rubs you out, is a 1996 German horror-comedy starring Udo Samel, it’s one liners, it’s sleazy, it’s the most accurate DVD cover ever. Martin Walz probably directs straight from the comic page of Ralph Konig’s German originals. Udo plays gay, 13 inched detective Luigi Mackeroni is one of many sex-driven’s hard balled by a living, biting killer condom causing genital-al through Hotel Quickie in New York.

Klass - Review

School shootings, who hasn’t heard about them? Especially after the highly publicized Columbine Massacre in the United States. These tend to be a media wet dream, but in media, they tend to have one thing in common, sympathise with those being shot, and villify the shooters. Estonian director Illmar Raag however destroys convention with the masterpiece of a film, Klass.

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