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A History of Violence – Review

When Tom Stall foils a vicious attempted robbery, rape and murder, he is hailed a hero and gains the attention of the national media. This uncomfortable publicity causes a threatening man to confront Tom and claim that he is Joey, the gangster who tried to rip his eye out with barbed wire, thus begins both an incredible thriller and a compelling mysterious family drama. A History of Violence.

Hatari! - Review

Hatari! Swahili for Danger! Is the fitting title for this stand-along genre picture shot in 1962 Tanzania, Howard Hawk’s follow up to Rio Bravo is the most underrated of he and star John Wayne’s work. Hawk’s production is an action-comedy.

Horse Feathers - Review

Horse Feathers was the fourth Marx Brothers movie with all four playing on their custom-characters, released in 1932 it was their most commercial successful movie and is as great a slapstick comedy, satire and musical as Duck Soup, their true high-point and unquestionably one of the five funniest movies of all time, being my third favourite comedy as well.

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