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Blade Runner - Review

WARNING: This review may contain spoilers

Is Blade Runner a Science Fiction movie or Film noir? In order to decipher whether Blade Runner can considered a film noir or science fiction movie we must first establish what both terms mean. A film noir can categories as “A movie characterised by low-key lighting, a bleak urban setting, and corrupt, cynical characters.”

Bringing Out the Dead – Review

Bringing out the Dead is a Nicholas Cage, Ving Rhames fuel-ride that just so happens to be written for the screen by Paul Schrader & directed by the king of New York film, Martin Scorsese.

The Beat That My Heart Skipped - Review

Fingers was writer and director James Toback’s first film as a director, Toback is a respected film artist who has a body of solid, rather than outstanding, work. Fingers is his finest film. Harvey Keitel stars as a man who is torn between his Mob-connected father and his concert pianist mother.

The Beekeeper – Review

Theo Angelopoulos is best known for his sweeping histories, and here narrows his gaze onto a shorter period of time and a smaller group of characters. But the mastery of one of the greatest living directors is still present. He can conduct a chamber piece equally as well as he can a symphony.

The Big Sleep - Review

Very rarely can a film ever be boiled down to one sole scene and almost never with a movie as notoriously complicated as The Big Sleep. However, The Big Sleep has a scene of such wit and dialogue that it defines not only the film but also a whole genre.

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