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Allegro non Troppo – Review

Is Allegro non Troppo better than Fantasia? In my ninetieth year of youth yes, at a younger age maybe not, as a landmark in animation it’s lesser, as a sustained piece of humour and surrealism its even more a film for its disco year of 1976, standing now 30 years later as the first true, all ages animation feature, the most theatrical of all.

An American in Paris - Review

Does An American in Paris contain the most ambitious spectacle in Cinema?

It is often ambition in Cinema which marks a film as special, the driving force to create something both magical and never before seen. This ambition drives the greatest of cinematic talents, from Stanley Kubrick creating a Space Odyssey to Charlie Chaplin redefining the range of silent comedy by infusing it with a social conscience.

Antichrist - Review

When I watched Antichrist, I cleared my mind of all things Lars Von Trier, I tried to get rid of all my prejudices for the films creator, but despite my best efforts the film was still a dog. I thought I’d either love it or hate it, but oddly it’s a film I’m fairly indifferent to.

Arizona Dream - Review

Whatever its title or version, Emir Kusturica’s commonly called 1993 feature Arizona Dream is in fitting with its many titles and Kusturica’s many motifs, arguably his funniest and best acted film, Arizona Dream will be his only American film and maybe the last great work of Jerry Lewis and the only of Vincent Gallo.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford – Review

The Assassination of Jesse James is the second feature from New Zealand film director Andrew Domink, the man who brought us Chopper and Eric Bana. Unlike most predecessors of the Jesse James story this film deals with the final years of the American icon. Movie goers expecting to see a nostalgic tale of his famous robberies and his courageous gang leader qualities are in for a disappointment.

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