Andrei Tarkovsky: Solaris - Podcast

The first adaptation of Stanislaw Lem's novel, produced in 1972, it was Tarkovsky's third feature film and his first attempt at directing an anti-science fiction film.

Comparative Examination: Star Trek and Star Trek - The Motion Picture - Podcast

Surprisingly the first and latest Star Trek feature films have a lot in common. From Robert Wise's slow and thoughtful odyssey to J.J Abrams sexed up high octane action bonanza.

Misunderstood Modern Cinema: The Godfather Part III - Podcast

The final film in the epic gangster saga explores the missing chapter in the tragedy of Michael Corleone. Left Field Cinema examines this most wrongfully chastised of films, its numerous flaws are weighed up against its numerous strengths.

Krzysztof Kieslowski: Dekalog - Episodes 06-10 - Podcast

Part two of two tackling a mini-series of ten one-hour films each examining one of the ten commandments, this edition of Left Field Cinema looks at the second five episodes, and tries to clarify what makes the second half of this ten hour masterpiece so compelling.

Analysis: Is Panic Room a Black Comedy? - Podcast

Examining one of David Fincher's most under rated films. Is this chamber piece thriller actually a black comedy in disguise? This episode also features an extended look back at Fincher's career thus far.

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