Special: Films of the Year 2009 - Index

The complete list of sixty films that resulted in the Left Field Cinema top ten films of 2009.

Special: Top Ten Films of 2009

(10) Fish Tank

Realism with twinges of lyricism. This is possibly the most accurate way I can summarise the work of Andrea Arnold, she’s not Ken Loach, she’s not Mike Leigh, she is her own woman with her own style and is arguably the best British female writer director working today.

British Masterpiece: The Lady Vanishes

The Director: One of the worlds most prolific and successful film makers and arguably the greatest film maker that the UK has ever produced (although not by my own reckoning). Alfred Hitchcock enjoyed a privileged status held by few directors (along with Steven Spielberg and possibly James Cameron) he is a household name.

Asian Avant Garde: Last Life in the Universe

Thailand may not have the same weight behind its cinematic output as Japan, Hong Kong, or more recently South Korea, but this is something that director Pen-Ek Ratanaruang is looking to correct. Thai cinema has a long history of filmmaking but by 1997 it was only producing 10 Studio films per year, however a number of directors coalesced in Thailand to change this.

American Masterpiece: Five Easy Pieces

Though it may have been rendered a relatively minor footnote in the temporary revolution that galvanised American film during the 70s by works more illustrious or grandiose, Bob Rafelson’s Five Easy Pieces was one of the best and most significant films of that remarkable decade and may in fact better represent what distinguished the filmmaking of that era than the epic masterworks of Coppola, Altman or Scorsese, as well as remaining one of the touchstone entries of counter-cultural cinema.

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