Television Special: Homicide: Life on the Street

Before The Wire, before The Shield, before CSI and all of it’s mutant offspring, even slightly before NYPD Blue came Barry Levinson and Paul Attanasio’s Homicide: Life on the Street based on the book Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets a real life account of twelve months spent by the author David Simon along side the Baltimore homicide unit.

Special: Top Fifty Films of the Decade - Index

A supplementary list to the Left Field Cinema Top Twenty Films of the Decade article. This list is of the fifty greatest films I’ve seen during the past ten years, it took a while to compile and will doubtlessly change again in the near future as I watch more films produced in the 2000’s. Many of these films you will have seen reviewed on this website or the podcast over the past two years and those which have not yet been reviewed here will be in the not so distant future.

American Masterpiece: Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid

We, by the nature of being Human, like to rank things in a preferential order. We have popularised best of entertainments and lists, but when it comes to film this form of revisionism explodes exponentially. Every year, every actor, every director and every genre creates it own set of lists in every film fan and every film critic.

Special: Top Twenty Films of the Decade

Introduction: As the decade has now come to a close, cinephiles everywhere have been compiling their best films lists and Left Field Cinema is not immune from the temptation to summarise and rank the greatest works of film from the past ten years.

Guilty Pleasures: Strange Days

There are certain films which an individual encounters during their life which are instantly recognisable as flawed but for some reason we’re willing to forgive their faults and not let them deter our enjoyment of the viewing experience. Often these films are connected to our earlier life, a childhood or teenage favourite which as we grow older is exposed as a fractured and faulty work of fiction which we were incapable of discerning in years past.

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