Andrei Tarkovsky: Mirror - Podcast

PodcastFor the 100th episode of Left Field Cinema, a special extended examination of Andrei Tarkovsky's greatest masterwork, the 1975 feature film, Mirror. A miracle of a film by the fact of its very existence, a film which may well change the way you perceive the physical boundaries of cinema, a paradoxically personal yet universal film that will haunt you for years to come. Mirror is here examined in relation to my own memories of the film and my memories of cinema in general.



Very nice review, I must say. Fine introduction to the film.

If I may correct a few misspelled words from this line in your Mirror transcript:
"Alain Resnais’ Last Year in Marinbad or Fedrico Fellini’s Roma (...)"

at Marienbad
8 1/2 (not Roma)

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