About Us

Left Field Cinema was first released in November 2007, written and presented by Mike Dawson. The show has two main purposes; the first is to examine cinema in relative terms, tackling main stream cinema from alternative perspectives, applying varying theories to popular films and hopefully discussing them with a fresh point of view. The second purpose is to unearth more obscure films from world cinema and the independent scene, films that perhaps you've never heard of but are worthy of your attention.

Left Field Cinema is not film criticism, it's film recommendation and analysis. Each episode belongs to its own sub series, be it a "World Cinema Masterpiece" or a "Comparative Examination". Each series is becoming a collection of related episodes like the complete works of Andrei Tarkovsky or the "Misunderstood Modern Cinema" which examines the positive sides of critically lampooned feature films.

It's fair to say that if you don't have an open mind towards films or if subtitles are a major turn off then Left Field Cinema isn't the show for you. But if you look at films another way, or want to discover some cinematic gems from the past then this is the podcast for you